A New Addition

We’ve got a new baby………….

She’s been about 9 months in the making , give or take a few 🙂

Here’s a photo.

Our new extension has begun………..yeeeeeeeeeeeeee   haaaaaaaaarr!

The flat roof is being replaced on the adjoining room,which is, at present a damp , soggy , mould infested dumping ground. That part is  going to be our bedroom with the extension forming an en suite and boxroom at the side of it.

I’m sooooo excited………..all the planning , waiting etc etc , it’s wonderful to have it actually started , there’s 3 men working on it at the moment, I love all the activity !  they can make as much noise and mess as they want….I don’t care   🙂

The roofer said he’d never seen a roof in such bad condition , we knew it leaked when we bought the house but a year and a half later emptying the 3 buckets every time it rained was getting a bit of a bind , there were times if it was really bad weather I couldn’t go out even for a couple of hours in case the buckets overflowed.

I think I’ll even be able to stand up in that little loft….hee hee,  there’s no other loft spaces in the house so it’ll be good to have somewhere for the suitcases and Christmas tree  🙂

See you Friday    xxx



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3 responses to “A New Addition

  1. its well worth the upheaval – we’ve just had an extension put on – new bedroom, en suite, garage and upstairs in the attic rooms a lovely workshop for me with a little cloakroom – my own space! Hope it all goes smoothly for you

    • Hi Faith
      Have you got photos of your extension on your Blog or flickr ?
      I’d love a peek…..x
      By the way my Mum bought the Druzy disc necklace from you after seeing the copper heart brooch I’d featured a few weeks back 🙂

  2. Exciting stuff . . .keep us posted I can’t wait to see how it all turns out,
    Love Helen xx

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