Folksy Friday 22nd June

Hellooooooo   chooks……..

Friday is here again , I have 9 lovely shops for you to look at , as usual just click on any of the photographs to go straight to their sites   x

Apologies to some sellers in previous weeks whose photos didn’t link , I did try…I really did  !!

NO.1   Jenny  Greenslade    ~    Little Red Robin , Bristol.

First today is a beautifully simple copper and silver bangle , it measures 2.5″ across.

I love the fact that it’s hammered , it gives the bangle an antique quality that’s wonderfully complemented with the small modern heart.

Jenny has 66 products for sale , click on the photo for all the details.

NO.2    Ruth Seddon    ~    Mimi-Ruru.

This is such a lovely baby quilt………I’ve got a thing about quilts and eiderdowns n’ blankets n’ rugs n’ cushions n’………….anything squidgy !

I would cheerfully use this myself as a bit of extra snuggly comfort on the sun lounger or deck chair , it’s just the right size for one   x

It measures 69 x 91 cm , the modern fabrics are not babyish , just cheerful and vibrant , it’s an absolute bargain too at just £20  🙂

NO.3    Ian Bradbury  , Bolton    ~ Bits and Badges.

I thought these would be great for kids’ teachers at the end of term , funky , inexpensive Lego cufflinks , just the kind of thing your average 7-100 year old boy would go crazy for and  would be absolutely   ‘AWESOME   !!! ‘ or so my 11-year-old says.

Also for sale in the shop are dinky boxes made from Lego especially for your cufflinks or anything else teeny tiny and precious.

NO.4    Frank Austin    ~    Swansea.

This is an A3 print from an original oil painting, printed on archival matte paper , it’s signed and titled.

Frank has plenty of prints for sale and like this one they are beautifully executed , true to life , dynamic works of art.

NO. 5   Naomi & Anna    ~   The House of Mouse.

This is Mrs Whiskers , she’s completely hand sewn from felt , beads , ribbon and card.

Complete with a mini book and ruler and adorable copper rimmed glasses  x

Her clothes are not removable and she’s 2.5″ tall.

All   House of Mouse  creations come with a certificate of authenticity, there may be some very slight variations but the design will remain the same.

113 tiny critters are patiently waiting for good homes at House of Mouse.

NO.6   Christina Allen – Cole    ~    Apple Crisp.

Here we have a linen bag with a hidden jazzy pleat , I love the navy ,red and turquoise combination.

The bag measures 31 x 37 cm and the handles are 66cm , Christina makes some really lovely bags , I especially like her large utility bags , such great storage and so pretty too !

NO.7   Tonia Debbie    ~    The Feathers and Bows Couture Millinery.

Lime green and black pill-box hat , hand blocked in sinamay with black veiling , Tonia can make any colour you wish to match an outfit , it can be created on a rigid or elastic hairband and either left or right positioning. Lots of options  !   just as you’d expect from a bespoke designer. The shop is full of beautifully made creations , check out the tangerine pill-box hat……… unusual !

NO.8   Stephanie Bertenshaw    ~    Felt Mountain Studios.

‘Create yourself ‘,       Volume 1   ~   Vintage Home , this is the first in a series of booklets to help you create items with a vintage feel for your home.

Using mainly recycled materials , this 60 page book will have you making stylish , handcrafted goodies to beautify your home ,  gifts for friends and loved ones or even for your future Folksy shop  🙂

There are umpteen projects within the book and reusable templates at the end , all in all a great , inexpensive read , full of inspiration !

NO.9   Vicki Spencer-Brown   .

Oh my………what I would give for half a dozen of these lovelies  !!!

A 24 drawer vintage steel cabinet……sooo industrial………..soooo gorgeous !

Measuring 102cm high by 63 wide and 49 deep.

At Blakeley-Browns you’ll be tempted by a whole array of deliciousness  , from theatrical lights to church pews and vintage metal signs.

There you are gorgeous ones , I hope you like my selection , have a browse through the shops and part with some cash… you know you want to     x ! x

Have a lovely week-end and I’ll see you next time…x



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4 responses to “Folksy Friday 22nd June

  1. Thanks for the mention 🙂 you sell my book better than I do! I might need to hire you for my new marketing P.A haha! Lovely blog too- nice to see you are doing well 🙂
    Thanks again
    Stephanie B @ Felt Mountain Studios

  2. Thank you very much for featuring our hammered copper and sterling silver bangle on your blog. I love the steel cabinet and have seen some lovely new folksy shops too!

    Jenny Little Red Robin x

  3. Hi Alexis, Thank you very much for featuring Feathers & Bows Couture Millinery this week. Great to be included with all these very talented crafts people. I’m loving your blog! x

  4. Hi on behalf of my wife just thought I would say thanks for your.lovely words about the quilt. It’s her birthday today and it made het day thx again, great blog by the way.

    John Seddon

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