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Folksy Friday 22nd June

Hellooooooo   chooks……..

Friday is here again , I have 9 lovely shops for you to look at , as usual just click on any of the photographs to go straight to their sites   x

Apologies to some sellers in previous weeks whose photos didn’t link , I did try…I really did  !!

NO.1   Jenny  Greenslade    ~    Little Red Robin , Bristol.

First today is a beautifully simple copper and silver bangle , it measures 2.5″ across.

I love the fact that it’s hammered , it gives the bangle an antique quality that’s wonderfully complemented with the small modern heart.

Jenny has 66 products for sale , click on the photo for all the details.

NO.2    Ruth Seddon    ~    Mimi-Ruru.

This is such a lovely baby quilt………I’ve got a thing about quilts and eiderdowns n’ blankets n’ rugs n’ cushions n’………….anything squidgy !

I would cheerfully use this myself as a bit of extra snuggly comfort on the sun lounger or deck chair , it’s just the right size for one   x

It measures 69 x 91 cm , the modern fabrics are not babyish , just cheerful and vibrant , it’s an absolute bargain too at just £20  🙂

NO.3    Ian Bradbury  , Bolton    ~ Bits and Badges.

I thought these would be great for kids’ teachers at the end of term , funky , inexpensive Lego cufflinks , just the kind of thing your average 7-100 year old boy would go crazy for and  would be absolutely   ‘AWESOME   !!! ‘ or so my 11-year-old says.

Also for sale in the shop are dinky boxes made from Lego especially for your cufflinks or anything else teeny tiny and precious.

NO.4    Frank Austin    ~    Swansea.

This is an A3 print from an original oil painting, printed on archival matte paper , it’s signed and titled.

Frank has plenty of prints for sale and like this one they are beautifully executed , true to life , dynamic works of art.

NO. 5   Naomi & Anna    ~   The House of Mouse.

This is Mrs Whiskers , she’s completely hand sewn from felt , beads , ribbon and card.

Complete with a mini book and ruler and adorable copper rimmed glasses  x

Her clothes are not removable and she’s 2.5″ tall.

All   House of Mouse  creations come with a certificate of authenticity, there may be some very slight variations but the design will remain the same.

113 tiny critters are patiently waiting for good homes at House of Mouse.

NO.6   Christina Allen – Cole    ~    Apple Crisp.

Here we have a linen bag with a hidden jazzy pleat , I love the navy ,red and turquoise combination.

The bag measures 31 x 37 cm and the handles are 66cm , Christina makes some really lovely bags , I especially like her large utility bags , such great storage and so pretty too !

NO.7   Tonia Debbie    ~    The Feathers and Bows Couture Millinery.

Lime green and black pill-box hat , hand blocked in sinamay with black veiling , Tonia can make any colour you wish to match an outfit , it can be created on a rigid or elastic hairband and either left or right positioning. Lots of options  !   just as you’d expect from a bespoke designer. The shop is full of beautifully made creations , check out the tangerine pill-box hat……… unusual !

NO.8   Stephanie Bertenshaw    ~    Felt Mountain Studios.

‘Create yourself ‘,       Volume 1   ~   Vintage Home , this is the first in a series of booklets to help you create items with a vintage feel for your home.

Using mainly recycled materials , this 60 page book will have you making stylish , handcrafted goodies to beautify your home ,  gifts for friends and loved ones or even for your future Folksy shop  🙂

There are umpteen projects within the book and reusable templates at the end , all in all a great , inexpensive read , full of inspiration !

NO.9   Vicki Spencer-Brown   .

Oh my………what I would give for half a dozen of these lovelies  !!!

A 24 drawer vintage steel cabinet……sooo industrial………..soooo gorgeous !

Measuring 102cm high by 63 wide and 49 deep.

At Blakeley-Browns you’ll be tempted by a whole array of deliciousness  , from theatrical lights to church pews and vintage metal signs.

There you are gorgeous ones , I hope you like my selection , have a browse through the shops and part with some cash… you know you want to     x ! x

Have a lovely week-end and I’ll see you next time…x



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A New Addition

We’ve got a new baby………….

She’s been about 9 months in the making , give or take a few 🙂

Here’s a photo.

Our new extension has begun………..yeeeeeeeeeeeeee   haaaaaaaaarr!

The flat roof is being replaced on the adjoining room,which is, at present a damp , soggy , mould infested dumping ground. That part is  going to be our bedroom with the extension forming an en suite and boxroom at the side of it.

I’m sooooo excited………..all the planning , waiting etc etc , it’s wonderful to have it actually started , there’s 3 men working on it at the moment, I love all the activity !  they can make as much noise and mess as they want….I don’t care   🙂

The roofer said he’d never seen a roof in such bad condition , we knew it leaked when we bought the house but a year and a half later emptying the 3 buckets every time it rained was getting a bit of a bind , there were times if it was really bad weather I couldn’t go out even for a couple of hours in case the buckets overflowed.

I think I’ll even be able to stand up in that little loft….hee hee,  there’s no other loft spaces in the house so it’ll be good to have somewhere for the suitcases and Christmas tree  🙂

See you Friday    xxx


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Folksy Friday 25th May

Helloooo   super   peeps  …………. the sun , sun ,    oh the  SUN  is shining  yee haa !!

Isn’t this weather glorious  🙂

Lets get started on Folksy Love shall we  ?

NO.1   Rock Princess.

First up is a funky chain maille bracelet by Rock Princess , it’s made from pink and black anodised aluminium jump rings and measures 19cm long , I think this is really cool and most ages could wear it   🙂

No.2  Teresa Hollins   ~   East Yorkshire.

‘Ruby and Precious’   , A superb gouache painting on textured card , I think I could look at this every day and never tire of it ,  it just makes me smile  🙂

The two lovely sheep , born last Spring are part of a flock of mixed breed sheep that Teresa has in Yorkshire, they’re now most definitely staying part of the family  x

The little painting measures   7 1/2  ”   x   4 1/2 “.

NO.3   Sam Walker   ~   Wotnot Pig Ceramics.

A bits and bobs dish , perfect for all your ‘pretty things’ , I have a couple of little dishes like this for jewellery I wear most often , it’s handier than scrambling through a jewel box !

White earthenware clay has been given a blue wash of glaze , Sam has  hand stamped the dish which is 10.5cm  with flowers and words … very sweet x

Also at Wotnot Pig are more lovely dishes , mugs and some very cute heart hangers , I very nearly chose one of those to feature today , they’re well priced and would make a very nice gift.

No .4   Marna Lunt   ~   North Yorkshire.

OOOOOHHHH …………too many bits of gorgeousness all rolled into one…where on earth do I start  ? ?

This cushion couldn’t be more up might street if it tried……  I    L*O*V*E   IT

Measuring 40x40cm it comes complete with a feather pad  , Marna has hand stitched the ruffles of a rosette onto linen and appliqued fabric circles  in a lovely subtle combination of patterns  , then added a glorious mix of wonderful ribbon…..Yummeee .

Marna has eight more cushions in her shop along the same lines , all  fabulous !

No.5  Molly Ginnelly   ~   Fife.

This little bird brooch caught my eye this week , made by Molly from Fife , it’s made up of wood and Formica with artwork which has been laser cut.

The brooch is 3.5cm in diameter , also for sale are other similarly styled brooches featuring deer , trees and more sweet little birds .

Have a look at Molly’s  ‘Flower stem Necklace’ ( page 2 in her shop) , I would have chosen this if I hadn’t already found a necklace to showcase , it’s absolutely gorgeous !

No.6   Lotti Rains   ~   Holsworthy.

‘Fish Bead’  in glorious shocking pink  ! !

I could eat this right up  🙂        The way Lotti makes her beads look like fish is remarkable , she has one in her shop which is silver and green , truly stunning , at first I didn’t know it was a bead !

This pink one measures 31mm x 20mm and 12mm thick , it’s been kiln annealed for strength.

No.7  Penelope Teapot   ~   Liverpool.

Now I’m not normally one for cross stitch but occasionally one will pop out at you , this  Kawaii cup cake is just that one , pink , girly and cute.

This is a kit to make the cross stitch  , which measures 4″ x 4″ , everything you need is in the kit and it comes in lovely packaging so ideal for gift giving  🙂

NO.8   Lorna Whyte   ~   Rowan bags.

An Authentic Harris Tweed in wonderful purple and turquoise , one of my favourite colour combinations for as long as I can remember.

The tweed is called Kaona and Lorna has paired it with luscious velvet and lined the bag  with quilting cotton , inside there’s a mobile pocket and it fastens magnetically.

The bag is 30cm across the base , 23cm high and 6cm deep , the handle is 65cm long making it suitable for over the shoulder or simply to carry.

Lorna has 5 other bags in this style for sale in her shop Rowan Bags.

NO.9   Maggie Jones  Enamels.

This is Maggie’s version of a Welsh rain cloud , I love this , there’s something so beautifully simple about a rain cloud motif.

The necklace measures  50 x 25 mm and it’s created with copper , Sterling silver , kiln fired enamels and fresh-water pearls.

Maggie has used a variety of transparent blue enamels with a touch of grey to achieve the thundery look of a cloud that’s about to burst.

Have a peek at the shop for oodles more lovely enamelled jewellery.

So there you are lovely sunny people , my 9 Folksy favourites this week.

Enjoy the sun this week-end   x

Take care till next time.

Alexis x

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Craft Room Love

Looky looky my lovely craft loving buddies , have you ever seen a room sooo devoted to order  ???

Some might say there can’t be a lot of creating going on here but this is my idea of crafty heaven , I do like everything in its place , my garden may look like a weedy wilderness but I don’t like stuff where it shouldn’t  be  🙂

Do you know there are websites dedicated to craft rooms !!  it’s eye candy without a doubt , what I can never get over is the sheer amount of stuff people have , I thought I was bad but this lady’s room is way off the scale……….

I think I’d have a bit more colour here and there but over all…….goes all dreamy eyed…………wonderful  x

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Never seen a beer bottle………

Hello people ,

Today I have some more things to share , namely bottle cap pendants.

They’ve never been near a beer bottle of course as they’re made specifically for jewellery making. I’ve come up with 2 or 3 ranges   ~   cutesey ,  teens , and some which we’ll call a general mish mash , maybe for the older teen or maybe the less conservative lady……these originally hailed from America who have been producing these for ages , the American ladies , are happy to wear something a bit quirky and wouldn’t think twice about wearing a bottle cap around their neck but it remains to be seen if  I can convince the women of Moffat to sport one this Summer  🙂

First up   ~ cutesey

Funky Teens.

Probably my favourites…….phrases.

Lastly the mish mash……..florals , retro , B/W ……I ‘ve got quite a selection of types in this range which includes French wallpaper snippets from the 30’s , a bit of altered art , and lots more flowers  !

This is the first time I’ve tried these , I’m really happy with them , they’re fun to make and  fairly quick too….which is always a bonus..   🙂

More pics next week of some of the lovely sellers who will be at the fair on Sunday and Folksy Friday too.        x

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Pretty things and more Annie Sloan

I promised more photos of my revamped curio stand so here they are.

And another to show the wax finish , I didn’t put too much dark wax on as I only wanted a subtle darkening of the finished item , if I had gone overboard I could have fixed it by just adding clear wax and then buffing with a cloth.

I’ve been dying paper flowers to make up little posies , so far I’ve only made 5 , the colouring process is time-consuming but I love the way they’ve turned out.

In the last couple of months I’ve collected a selection of antique salt and mustard pots as well as ink wells and other tiny crystal bowls.

I’d had it in mind to make mini posies using my hand dyed flowers , so here are a couple to show you.

They’re going to be displayed on the stand with mini canvasses on easels ( haven’t even started them yet  !!  )

I dyed some plain white cotton lace  too which you can just see peeking out under the flowers , it adds another little detail and ups the shabby,  feminine feel.

Lastly more ribbon dying , this time I sprayed white ribbon in some Springy shades as well as some muted tones, it was then crinkled on purpose , I think it’s far more interesting to look at  🙂

Each length is 1.5m and is packaged on sweet French style labels , it’s intended for wrapping a special gift, scrapbook projects or for hanging up little decorations like fabric hearts or perhaps  a small painting.

Do with it what you will                 🙂

Next job is for me to get on with those little pictures…………eeeeekk  !

Why didn’t I start all this sooner ?   I  definitely need a crash course in time management  !

Next week there will be no Folksy Friday ( again ) but I’ll bring you some more new things to look at ,                    Take care till then…Alexis  x

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Folksy Free Friday

Helloooo   Folksy fans,

Apologies………..I have to blame our visitor for the lack of my favourite choices today……….she said I could burden her with it , so I will  🙂

Yes… I’ve been a bit busy trying to get the house in order and stupidly decided to paint the shower room and a wall in the lounge the day before she came !!

Will I ever learn  ?

Today we’re off visiting Tullie House in Carlisle , yesterday it was The Transport Museum in Glasgow , which was fab  and   free , not sure of our plans for tomorrow yet.

Folksy Friday will be back next week  x

Take care till then and if still on holiday , then , enjoy  !



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