Folksy Friday May 18th

Fabulous   Friday’s   Favourites

Some more gorgeousness for you today , my 9 faves this week , click on any of the photos for details on the maker , prices and shipping.

NO.1   Jaine Rose    ~    Beeswax and Broomsticks.

Art work to make you smile, that’s what I like  !

Jaine has lovingly brought together a machine embroidered , acrylic and ink profusion of colour.

This dear little collage measures  15 x 16 cm , it’s painted on old book pages and then vintage scraps of bright fabrics have been applied and overstitched , Jaine has written ….. Grow !…..little garden grow…

In the shop there is more original artwork and cards too , I love the goodies for sale here , go and have a browse !

NO. 2    Mimidapi.

A wonderful brand new shop to Folksy ……I’m so glad I found it !

‘ My King and I ‘

Have a look at Charles and Ruby… a pair of love sick Kingfishers , made entirely from paper scraps , they’re absolutely adorable   x

Measuring a dinky 9cm high by 3.3cm wide , they’ll come to you in a heart-shaped box.            I  love  x  love x  love them  !

NO.3   Barry Bulsara    ~   Hand pulled Screen Prints.

Ha Ha Ha……………Make it Sew………… Star Trek fans will love these guys sitting at their sewing machines ,  great fun !

This print is 43 x 34 cm  , printed on acid free 315 gsm cardstock , also in the shop there are   sooooooooo  many more fun prints to choose from, such as  ~  Lord of the Rings   ~   Dr Seuss   ~   Captain Kirk   ~   and  Dr Who and Star Wars combined.

If you’re a mad keen sci-fi fan then you’re going to love this shop , why not hop on board the Starship Enterprise for more good stuff !

NO.4   Seamingly Possible   ~   Bournemouth.

More cute patooties   🙂

Michael Miller fabric fashioned into the cutest baby boots you’ve ever seen !

‘Alice’   baby boots measure 5.1 inches and are sized for 18-24 months.

Also in the shop are women’s slippers , personalised bags and oodles of teeny shoes for girls and boys.

NO.5   Keith Martin   ~   CK Automata   ~   Cornwall.

Here we have an aluminium sculpture of Pegasus measuring 28cm tall.

Keith has hand cut then stamped the metal to form the body of the horse , it’s mounted on a wooden base with a metal handle which when turned allows the wings on Pegasus to move realistically.

NO.6      Lisa Sutlow.

Lisa makes the most fabulous Fimo charms , in this necklace she’s made tiny Union Jacks and encased them inside resin with red and white buttons.

The resin heart measures 4.5cm at the widest point and it comes on a 16″  SP chain.  Have a look at Lisa’s  ‘ Calorie Free Treats’  including a fantastic bag charm with Cadbury’s Creme Eggs………YUM !

NO.7    ~    Faith Bowman   Abyjem   ~   Cumbria.

This super shop is bursting with 154  goodies for you  !

I chose this beautiful pin/brooch today as I loved the glorious handcrafted bead combined with the hand forged copper.

The bead was made by Iona Ruttle and measures approx 25mm across , the whole pin is 55 x  35 mm  and has been hammered and shaped in pure copper by Faith , she’s  finished it with some Swarovski crystals which match beautifully and give a bit of extra sparkle  🙂

NO.8   Lucy Teacup     ~   Bradford.

Tea bags ‘  made from off white cotton have been appliqued with a cup and saucer then stitched up and filled with super strong lavender , you’ll receive 3 in this listing , you can contact Lucy to request a particular fabric from the ones shown if you’d prefer not to have a random selection.

Also in the shop are  ‘ biscuity things ‘  , embroidery hoops with jammy dodgers , bourbons  and custard creams.

No. 9    Rosie Ann Vintage Inspired Aprons.

Anyone who knows me will testify to the fact that I’m no Domestic goddess but boy would I feel like one wearing this little black number  !

A fifties inspired cotton apron , bursting  at its tiny seams with ruffles , ruffles and more ruffles.

Burgundy flowers on black with a cute black and white polka dot sash , pocket , hem and neckline , the length is 29″.

At Rosie Ann’s you’ll find  LOADS  more aprons and some half aprons if your goddess is feeling a bit less ambitious in the kitchen  🙂

Only one more Friday left in May………….. don’t miss it………more loveliness on it’s way  !

Bye bye for now           Alexis x



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Folksy Friday May 11th

Hello my lovelies…….

Friday’s are back  !!

Here are my favourite 9 this week   🙂

NO.1     Poppies  Handmade.

A beautiful inspirational handmade ceramic tile   ~   8cm square in a lovely subtle combination of textures and colours.

The tile is backed in ply and denim as it’s intended as a coaster but it’s far too lovely to be under  mug   🙂     I’d fit a hook on the back and display it proudly on the wall .

There are other phrase tiles for sale as well as some textile pieces , go and have a look….click on the picture to go direct to the item.

NO. 2    A Curious Whim    ~    Cambridgeshire.

Oh what a lovely boy……..!!!!

His name is Stanley and he’s a vintage style artist bear , totally one of a kind because the creator doesn’t use patterns.

He measures 27cm high  , has aged seams , patches and tufts missing from his fur , just like you’d expect if you’d found him in an attic after 50 years.

Stanley is a sitting bear , he looks like he could do with a rest !   many little hands look like they’ve played many make-believe tea parties with him and all the other nursery toys.

You’ll love looking at the other animals in the shop, there’s a donkey, a rat with definite psychological problems ….. Red Riding Hood’s wolf , a badger , cat and more lovely bears.

NO.3    ~     Cocoon  Jewels. 

These delightful flower drop earrings are silver plated and hang 60mm , I love the irregular shape and the hammered finish , the faceted clear quartz tear drops are the perfect accompaniment .

There are 42 unusual items at Cocoon Jewels , such as friendship bracelets , plenty more gorgeous earrings and some necklaces.

NO . 4    ~    Dotty  Diane   ~    Whitstable.

This is a tiara kit for beginners using a mix of Swarovski crystals and other glass beads , this cute little tiara stands 3cm high when finished and it’s also available in pink.

Diane has other ‘make your own’ kits for sale you can buy felt egg cosies , birds and fabric lavender hearts.

NO. 5    ~    Dottery  Pottery.

A dear  little light turquoise bird sits on his birdcage perch , this adorable ceramic necklace is on a 17″ chain and the pendant itself measures 4cm  x  3cm.

Hand cut , embossed and fired to a high temperature so rest assured he’s super strong !

Dottery Pottery has buttons , plates , more jewellery and sweet hanging hearts and birds.

NO.6    ~    Sarah  Howarth ~   Hootchie Mama.

Something for boys……..I don’t often find goodies for little boys but I liked this retro pocket-money purse , perfect for holiday spending money on the go !

It’s measures 11 x 8 cm and you can request which mode of transport you’d like , click on the purse to see the other choices.

Sarah has key rings , bandanas,  fridge magnets as well as other cute purses and bags.

  No.7   ~      The Leather  Store  .

Lime green leather bag , handbag or messenger as it’s supplied with a shoulder strap.

It closes fully with a zip , a must in my book……I’ve had the contents of my bag all over  the floor too many times before I decided it had to be zip close only 🙂

There’s a zip compartment and a mobile phone pouch and it measures  14 ”  x 13″.  Also available in purple  x

NO.8   ~    Bobbin and Bumble.

A golden velvet apple bookend with satin leaf and checked wool stalk , this is weighty enough to prop open a door , lovely as a decoration or for it’s intended use as a gorgeous book-end. The apple is 20cm high and filled with sand and toy stuffing.

Leanne has wonderful bug cushions and more lovely apples.

No.9    ~    Rachael  Rowe    ~    Grace and Favour Home.

Brilliant bunting  !!

I love the look of this……these stamps would be fab pieced together as a mini quilt for a child’s room or framed in little box frames but Rachael has probably put them to their best use of all………bunting….yay !

Each fabric  stamp is double-sided and measures 10 x 7.5cm and there are 10 flags on a 2 metre length.

Also at Grace and favour you’ll find postcard purses , map bunting ,  and the same stamps made into lavender bags      x

So there we have it………….please excuse the 2 week break from Folksy Friday…………’s nice to be back   🙂

Take care till next time,



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Never seen a beer bottle………

Hello people ,

Today I have some more things to share , namely bottle cap pendants.

They’ve never been near a beer bottle of course as they’re made specifically for jewellery making. I’ve come up with 2 or 3 ranges   ~   cutesey ,  teens , and some which we’ll call a general mish mash , maybe for the older teen or maybe the less conservative lady……these originally hailed from America who have been producing these for ages , the American ladies , are happy to wear something a bit quirky and wouldn’t think twice about wearing a bottle cap around their neck but it remains to be seen if  I can convince the women of Moffat to sport one this Summer  🙂

First up   ~ cutesey

Funky Teens.

Probably my favourites…….phrases.

Lastly the mish mash……..florals , retro , B/W ……I ‘ve got quite a selection of types in this range which includes French wallpaper snippets from the 30’s , a bit of altered art , and lots more flowers  !

This is the first time I’ve tried these , I’m really happy with them , they’re fun to make and  fairly quick too….which is always a bonus..   🙂

More pics next week of some of the lovely sellers who will be at the fair on Sunday and Folksy Friday too.        x

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Beautiful Boudoir

I’ve been working on some ATC sized pieces , they’re 2 and a half by 3 and a half inches, each has it’s own mini easel .

I’ve snipped and sewed , dyed and glued various bits of material , paper flowers and ribbon .

Embellishments include , an old diamonte collar stud , antique buttons , phrases from an old book and some exquisite old trimming.

The gorgeous images were purchased from Etsy  ( no , I’m not that clever with a paintbrush……sadly )

Anyhoo , here’s a couple for you to look at , they’ll be for sale on Sunday along with my little posies.

Toodlepip x

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Pretty things and more Annie Sloan

I promised more photos of my revamped curio stand so here they are.

And another to show the wax finish , I didn’t put too much dark wax on as I only wanted a subtle darkening of the finished item , if I had gone overboard I could have fixed it by just adding clear wax and then buffing with a cloth.

I’ve been dying paper flowers to make up little posies , so far I’ve only made 5 , the colouring process is time-consuming but I love the way they’ve turned out.

In the last couple of months I’ve collected a selection of antique salt and mustard pots as well as ink wells and other tiny crystal bowls.

I’d had it in mind to make mini posies using my hand dyed flowers , so here are a couple to show you.

They’re going to be displayed on the stand with mini canvasses on easels ( haven’t even started them yet  !!  )

I dyed some plain white cotton lace  too which you can just see peeking out under the flowers , it adds another little detail and ups the shabby,  feminine feel.

Lastly more ribbon dying , this time I sprayed white ribbon in some Springy shades as well as some muted tones, it was then crinkled on purpose , I think it’s far more interesting to look at  🙂

Each length is 1.5m and is packaged on sweet French style labels , it’s intended for wrapping a special gift, scrapbook projects or for hanging up little decorations like fabric hearts or perhaps  a small painting.

Do with it what you will                 🙂

Next job is for me to get on with those little pictures…………eeeeekk  !

Why didn’t I start all this sooner ?   I  definitely need a crash course in time management  !

Next week there will be no Folksy Friday ( again ) but I’ll bring you some more new things to look at ,                    Take care till then…Alexis  x

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Annie Sloan ~ no sanding !!

At long last I’m trialing  paint I bought last Summer………..mmm

Our visitor last week said….’Did you ever try out that paint you bought ?’

She’d been with me on the Annie Sloan stockist hunt while we were in Somerset last year.

No,  I said ashamedly…….er not yet…..mumbles under breath………

I’ve  new products for sale on the 6th so I hauled out this unsightly whatnot stand…..ugly isn’t it   !

I thought it might do the job to display a collection of the new things.


If you’re unfamiliar with the Annie Sloan range of paint then here’s a quick rundown   ~   Objects require NO sanding….I was sold at that point !  there are light and dark waxes which you can add to the paint finish in whatever depth of colour you wish , the paint colours can be mixed with the waxes giving you even more choice.

So far I’ve given it 2 coats with Chalk White , next comes the wax, this will give it the aged look I’m after………more photos another day  🙂

Something I’ve been doing lately is dyeing paper flowers it’s been great fun and I’ve enjoyed creating something from scratch…here’s a before , sorry about the focusing.

Here’s some I’ve dyed………I’ve still to get the hang of mixing the colours to achieve the antique look I’m after but I’ve learned so much about the process already and have hopefully created some time saving  techniques  🙂

Make a note to self……..look at camera settings before blindly snapping away.

Anyhoo , that’s a bit of what I’ve been up to…….will be back soon with the finished stand and some photos of what I’ve done with the flowers.

Toodleoothenoo   xxx

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Folksy Friday 20th April

Helloooooooo    Fabulous ones………….!

How is everyone  ?

I’m getting back down to it and about time too !  no illnesses lurking………no Winter blues … it’s got a lot to do with me working up a felty storm in the workroom  🙂

I’ m making some stock for a craft fair in Moffat , it’s a school fundraiser and takes place in the town hall on the 6th of May, so I’ve been busy with girls’ hair accessories which always call for felt.

Right….on with the goodies , here are my faves for this week , prices range from  £3.74  up to £21  inc p&p.

 NO.1   Helen Jones    ~    Holly Jolly Cottage.

Here is my kind of shop   !

Fun , colourful , great detailing and with such flair  ,  her fabric hairbands are wonderful.

This delightful bag is a riot of patterns , just my cup of tea and perfect for a little girl, it’s 12  x 10 ”  and has a handle long enough to wear across the body , Helen can  add a name if you like.  Click on the  pompoms  to go straight to her lovely shop  🙂

NO.2   One Silly Moo   ~    Cheshire.

I want to EAT it….!!!!!!!!

Have you ever seen such a wonderful thing  in your life  ?

This is a focal bead with     ‘Va Va Voom‘     it’s outrageously beautiful  !

Christened  ‘Sunrise’ and the maker’s inspiration was the solar system.

Measuring   17mm  approx , it would look simply stunning on a chain with no need for anything else  x

 NO.3    Hattifer’s Handsewn Gifts.

Twit   twoo  …  look at you sitting pretty on your branch  x

This sweet pink felt owl is perched on her tree just waiting  …….waiting for Whoo  ?                    it’s twit tyou.   Sorry , couldn’t resist .

If pinks not your thing you can have an owlet made up in a colour of your choice.

In Hattifer’s shop  there are  fabulous dog key rings , pincushions , hanging decorations , brooches and oodles of other stuff !

NO.4    Helen  Rhodes    ~    Derbyshire.

Such a beautiful little lady mouse…..isn’t she gorgeous  !

In differing shades of tweed and other fabric remnants , she has suede ears , boot button nose and eyes and a leather tail.

Measuring just 8cm high and even with her quite round tummy she’s just 5cm wide……..cute !

Filled with toy stuffing and steel shot, so Mrs Mousey would make a very lovely paperweight     x

 NO.5    Gary  Danton.

This a moody black and white , quite a hole in that sky  !

this image is 8  x  8″ and it’s also available for sale in 5   x  5 “.

NO.6    Tinker  Prince    ~    Sussex.

Here we have an unframed print of a very dapper young kitty which has been printed directly onto an old dictionary page.

Measuring 7.6″  x  10.5″  , all of the prints are on offer at the moment , it’s buy 2 get one free.

Other images in this unusual range of prints include , a bowler hat with birds ,union jack Tardis , an old typewriter  , red phone box to name but a few , many feature bugs , birds and butterflies.

NO 7.   Your Country Home.

You wouldn’t believe hessian could look so beautiful would you , Karen at your Country Home has achieved it wonderfully with this gorgeous feminine cushion.

It’s made from hessian and has a plain calico back, sold complete with a feather inner , measuring 16″ square.

With the addition of deep tiers of muslin, pretty cotton lace edging and a blousey rose , I think the combination is just perfect.

Karen has lavender bags , peg holders , wheat bags and more fabulous cushions , her range has a country or shabby style.

NO.8    The Long Collection    ~    Berkshire.

In this shop , which is very well stocked by the way with 55 items for sale, you’ll find this delightful card featuring a prince charming waiting for his kiss  xx              The card is blank inside and measures 13.5cm square , it’s been carefully embellished with sparkles and grosgrain ribbon.

Amy also makes jewellery and home wares , pop on over to her shop and have a peek at her adorable fabric buttons   🙂

NO.9    Jackie  Cardy    ~    Lancashire    ~    Dog  Daisy.

Lastly today its a lovely brooch by Jackie Cardy , this really is a one -off as the silk velvet is hand dyed and the felt it’s stitched onto is handmade too.

In shades of pale green ,grey and turquoise , the paisley leaf shape has been defined with lime and plum stitching.

There are more lovely brooches at ‘Dog Daisy’  , my other favourite is the same design but in plum shades…….gorgeous  x

Well ………another 9 shops to have a browse through , click on any of the photographs for all the details.

Have a super week-end whatever you’re doing and remember……. Do something you love , every day………………x

Till next time



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