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Folksy Friday 25th May

Helloooo   super   peeps  …………. the sun , sun ,    oh the  SUN  is shining  yee haa !!

Isn’t this weather glorious  🙂

Lets get started on Folksy Love shall we  ?

NO.1   Rock Princess.

First up is a funky chain maille bracelet by Rock Princess , it’s made from pink and black anodised aluminium jump rings and measures 19cm long , I think this is really cool and most ages could wear it   🙂

No.2  Teresa Hollins   ~   East Yorkshire.

‘Ruby and Precious’   , A superb gouache painting on textured card , I think I could look at this every day and never tire of it ,  it just makes me smile  🙂

The two lovely sheep , born last Spring are part of a flock of mixed breed sheep that Teresa has in Yorkshire, they’re now most definitely staying part of the family  x

The little painting measures   7 1/2  ”   x   4 1/2 “.

NO.3   Sam Walker   ~   Wotnot Pig Ceramics.

A bits and bobs dish , perfect for all your ‘pretty things’ , I have a couple of little dishes like this for jewellery I wear most often , it’s handier than scrambling through a jewel box !

White earthenware clay has been given a blue wash of glaze , Sam has  hand stamped the dish which is 10.5cm  with flowers and words … very sweet x

Also at Wotnot Pig are more lovely dishes , mugs and some very cute heart hangers , I very nearly chose one of those to feature today , they’re well priced and would make a very nice gift.

No .4   Marna Lunt   ~   North Yorkshire.

OOOOOHHHH …………too many bits of gorgeousness all rolled into one…where on earth do I start  ? ?

This cushion couldn’t be more up might street if it tried……  I    L*O*V*E   IT

Measuring 40x40cm it comes complete with a feather pad  , Marna has hand stitched the ruffles of a rosette onto linen and appliqued fabric circles  in a lovely subtle combination of patterns  , then added a glorious mix of wonderful ribbon…..Yummeee .

Marna has eight more cushions in her shop along the same lines , all  fabulous !

No.5  Molly Ginnelly   ~   Fife.

This little bird brooch caught my eye this week , made by Molly from Fife , it’s made up of wood and Formica with artwork which has been laser cut.

The brooch is 3.5cm in diameter , also for sale are other similarly styled brooches featuring deer , trees and more sweet little birds .

Have a look at Molly’s  ‘Flower stem Necklace’ ( page 2 in her shop) , I would have chosen this if I hadn’t already found a necklace to showcase , it’s absolutely gorgeous !

No.6   Lotti Rains   ~   Holsworthy.

‘Fish Bead’  in glorious shocking pink  ! !

I could eat this right up  🙂        The way Lotti makes her beads look like fish is remarkable , she has one in her shop which is silver and green , truly stunning , at first I didn’t know it was a bead !

This pink one measures 31mm x 20mm and 12mm thick , it’s been kiln annealed for strength.

No.7  Penelope Teapot   ~   Liverpool.

Now I’m not normally one for cross stitch but occasionally one will pop out at you , this  Kawaii cup cake is just that one , pink , girly and cute.

This is a kit to make the cross stitch  , which measures 4″ x 4″ , everything you need is in the kit and it comes in lovely packaging so ideal for gift giving  🙂

NO.8   Lorna Whyte   ~   Rowan bags.

An Authentic Harris Tweed in wonderful purple and turquoise , one of my favourite colour combinations for as long as I can remember.

The tweed is called Kaona and Lorna has paired it with luscious velvet and lined the bag  with quilting cotton , inside there’s a mobile pocket and it fastens magnetically.

The bag is 30cm across the base , 23cm high and 6cm deep , the handle is 65cm long making it suitable for over the shoulder or simply to carry.

Lorna has 5 other bags in this style for sale in her shop Rowan Bags.

NO.9   Maggie Jones  Enamels.

This is Maggie’s version of a Welsh rain cloud , I love this , there’s something so beautifully simple about a rain cloud motif.

The necklace measures  50 x 25 mm and it’s created with copper , Sterling silver , kiln fired enamels and fresh-water pearls.

Maggie has used a variety of transparent blue enamels with a touch of grey to achieve the thundery look of a cloud that’s about to burst.

Have a peek at the shop for oodles more lovely enamelled jewellery.

So there you are lovely sunny people , my 9 Folksy favourites this week.

Enjoy the sun this week-end   x

Take care till next time.

Alexis x


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